I don’t know if anyone would ever deny being a feminist. It certainly is made into something of a caricature these days. I think it’s demonized for the sake of trivializing feminist beliefs. But I think being a feminist simply means you believe in equal rights, and I think if you ask anybody if they believe in equal rights, they’ll say yes, man or woman. And if they don’t — who the heck would say that?

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what? no. ew. no.

If so many people actually believed in equality, we’d probably HAVE EQUALITY.

but feminism is about women’s liberation, soo

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Leonor Fini, Entre Deux
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there should be like a universal lesbian tattoo now that straight women stole all the signature haircuts

I like the simple ring on the left thumb. It’s cheap, cute, and advertises your status easily - especially since a wedding ring check is focusing on the same area. My thumb ring never comes off.

i didn’t even know that was a thing - that’s the problem! i wouldn’t recognize you based on that

this is so cool I didn’t know this was a thing!

super short nails painted different colors

or just ask if they like Gillian Anderson and proceed from there. it’s what I did with my girlfriend. :)

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the awkward moment when feminism has forgotten sex-based oppression exists.

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This girl is her high school football teams quarterback. The cheerleader is her girlfriend

I love every second of this
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Jil Sander S/S 2011
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Bridal Wedding Boots 1880
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"I have no technical training and am completely uneducated in music."
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